Dwayne's story



In 2013 Dwayne Simpson was given the funding to start a community boxing club in Angell Town, Brixton.

At this time Dwaynamics was in a tiny hall on the Angell Town estate but despite these challenges Dwayne got over 50 kids to come down each week, getting them off the streets and keep them focused out of gangs and away from knife crime.

Before Dwayne’s 21st birthday he came to his mum and said that he didn’t think he would make his 21st birthday. He said the streets were so bad and he didn’t know what to do.

Tragically Dwyane didn’t reach his 21st birthday however his legacy lives on in the Dwaynamics youth and his catchphrase, is the ethos that we run our community on.

"Make it happen"

- Dwayne Simpson

CEO Lorraine Jones Dwayne's Mother.jpg

CEO Lorraine Jones Dwayne's Mother

Lorraine Jones is a mother of 7, pastor, community leader, knife crime activist, friend of the police crowned angel of Angell Town. The kids on the Angell Town Estate call her mum as they see her as an approachable figure that understands them and their individual struggle.

Her positivity, authority and passion gets the attention of everyone from gang members to police to the national media and she has spent a lot of time building relationships between these opposing groups.

Following the death of Dwayne, she has become a fighting force in the community, explaining the needs of the youth to the governing bodies.