The Soul of Our Movement
- Lorraine Jones

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Dwayne Simpson

The Vision of Dwaynamics was founded by the Late Dwayne Simpson who took up the challenge to address the lack of facilities for young people in Angell Town Estate.

An estate ridden of poverty and no facilities for the talented young people that lived there. Dwayne launched this boxing and fitness Project in 2013 which brought a great positive impact into the community and created a positive stream of turning pain in to power to all that participated in his classes.

Dwaynamics is a heartbeat in Lambeth of networking with other great Community Organisations and Professionals in London to enhance its businesss to all its customers in the UK.

Coming up

Dwaynamics was inspired by the passing of the beloved and popular Dwayne Simpson who tragically died by being stabbed trying to save another boys life. The unity and strength that was shown by the solid community and friends of Angell Town after this tragedy impacted on Minister Lorraine Jones his mother to continue his work. The underprivileged area of Angell Town has often been hindered by assaults and deaths as a result of knife and gun crime, gang warfare and robbery. Therefore Dwaynamics was set up to help support and empower people living within the community. Dwaynamics has a strong point of differentiation in this area because it does not focus solely on the negative aspects of living in such an area but instead embraces this and focuses on empowering all positively.

Richard Davis and Minister Lorraine Jones, who both have over 20 years’ experience working with people in life changing situations have continued Dwaynes work as a legacy to his name and to provide the needed service of impacting the lives in the community through the facilitation of its workshops around boxing, fitness, health & Well being, Training, Mentoring, Entrepreneurship and path ways to employment.

Helping Community

Lambeth have a large number of successful graduates and skilled young people who are sadly unemployed or in jobs that they don’t desire. Dwaynamics Employment / Training Entrepreneurships support such talented individuals by networking and negotiating with high profile Companies, Organisations and Government Establishments for Employability workshops, Mentors, Apprenticeships, Work Experience and Job Placements.